Visitors and Members from reciprocal clubs can book into our competitions by contacting the Office or Pro Shop

Ladies - Monday,Tuesday and Thursday

Men's - Wednesday and Saturday

Veterans - Tuesday and Friday

Mixed - Wednesday 9 hole and Sunday


  • Competition is open to all members and visitors holding a valid AGU handicap.
  • All members and visitors playing in club competition MUST provide their Golflink number.
  • Grades for Saturday competition are as follows (unless otherwise stated):
  • A Grade – handicaps up to 12; B Grade – handicaps 13 to 18; C Grade – handicaps 19 to 36.
  • Juniors – aged under 18 (For Junior medal events and Junior championships). A junior turning 18 during an event cannot claim the title/trophy. Juniors may not mark each other’s cards. Juniors are restricted to a maximum of two in any playing group and may not team up in Fourball events.
  • Wednesday competition grades are as follows (unless otherwise stated): Division 1: up to 15; Division 2: 16+
  • Players are reminded that any doubtful points/rules/decisions must be settled before the score card is returned (Rule 6-6.b). The Captain has been authorised to give such rulings. If the Captain is not available refer your enquiry to the Handicapper or the Pro Shop. 
  • Players are advised to arrive at the starting point ready to play within five minutes of their staring time (Rule 6.3).The starter is authorised to make adjustments to groups if necessary.
  • Practice is permitted before each stroke round on the designated practice areas. Chipping on the grassed areas between (but not on) the 9th and 18th greens is also permitted (Rule 7.1b).
  • In the event of a tie, winners will be determined by count back, except for major events where playoffs will be advised. Some multi round events will have a seeded draw for the final round. Any player who cannot or will not play in the seeded group is ineligible to win the major trophy.
  • The Dubbo Golf Club Countback policy follows that of Golf Australia Recommendations in that the last nine of the officially registered layouts be the countback nine – IE: 10-18 on the 1-18 layout; 19-27 on the 10-27 layout and 1-9 on the 19-9 layout regardless of how the layout is printed on the card.
  • Professionals may win net events but only if they hold an official AGU handicap. Pros cannot claim for scratch trophies, except for those that are specifically designed for them such as pro-ams events. 
  • On completion of your round process your card through the scoring computer/auto score scanner then return your card to the blue scorers’ box. NB: Once the card is dropped in the box it cannot be retrieved or adjusted